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Section: About

Display content in 1, 2, 3, 4 columns.
(Each column can be hyperlinked to individual pages, if you’ve purchased a small/regular website build from us)

About Website Features

We can re-order how high up or lower down on this home page, each featured section is shown. We can show or hide as many as you may or may not need. No limitations.

About Website Customisations

We are full WordPress website developers (not just front-end designers who handle site cosmetics and content), so we can customise, add-on anything pretty much you imagine!

About Your Website Evolution

We know you want to grow and expand, which is why with WordPress as your platform, and us as acting as your in-house design and development team, we can easily scale your one-page site to a regular brochure site, e-commerce store, or even membership portal! If you out-grow us (we’d like to see you try) we can even pack up you site and help move it to your new team.

Section: Video Lightbox Feature

(with subtle parallax background effect


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Show case your portfolio or client case studies!

Section: Projects

Max 4 columns, unlimited rows!

Project Title First
Branding / Graphic
Project Title Second
Package / Video
Project Title Third
Video / Web Design
Project Title Fourth
Graphic / Video
Share querky facts about your business!

Section: Counter

Heading can be turned on or off, shows stats as %, Money Symbol, without symbols, and customise the statistic name!

Projects completed
99 %
Positive feedback
Pizzas ordered
$ 36
Average cost per hour
Keep a one-page simple website but include a pricing table functionality upgrade

Section: Pricing Table

This section is fully customisable inlcuding the background image.
We can send button actions to a WPForm (order form included) or paypal button or stripe button action.


Perfect for single freelancers who work by themselves
  • Support Forum

  • Free hosting

  • 1 hour of support

  • 40MB of storage space

Small Business

Suitable for small businesses with up to 5 employees
  • Support Forum

  • Free hosting

  • 10 hour of support

  • 1GB of storage space

Larger Business

Great for large businesses with more than 5 employees
  • Support Forum

  • Free hosting

  • Unlimited hours of support

  • Unlimited storage space

Section CTA: Use these ribbons to display calls to action mid-page.

Need a Blog??

Section: News/Blog

Keep a one-page simple website but include a news/blog functionality upgrade

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